Who to Contact

In the Episcopal tradition, all baptized individuals – whether lay persons, bishops, priests and/or deacons – are ministers of the Church. The ministry of lay persons is to represent Christ and his Church; to bear witness to him wherever they may be and, according to the gifts given them, to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world; and to take their place in the life, worship, and governance of the Church (BCP, p. 855). For the name of the person to speak with if you are interested in volunteering for a particular ministry area, see list below.
  • Acolyte Master (Interim): Edmund Warburton
  • Altar Guild Funerals Lead: Myrna Biddle
  • Altar Guild Holy Week/Easter Lead: Allison Manning
  • Altar Guild Weddings Lead: Danielle Rampton
  • Altar Guild Advent/Christmas Lead: Carol Muench
  • Building Users: Julie Brown
  • Children's Chapel:  Alicia Rich
  • Christian Education: Rev. Kim
  • Columbia Pike Thrift Shop: Mae Kmeco
  • Communications: Beth Lofgren
  • Haiti Micah Project Team Leader: Edna Keith
  • Hospitality Coordinator: Ed Phifer
  • Lay Visitation Team: Rev. Kim
  • Mission and Ministry Subgroup Leaders
    • Anti-Human Trafficking:  Fawn F. Coleman
    • Mental Health: Kimberly Turner
    • Ministry to the Incarcerated:  Joy Warburton
    • Race and Reconciliation:  Marion Spraggins
  • Mother’s Union: Rita Johnson
  • Music (Adult Choir, Handbells): Lisa Galoci
  • Pastoral Intervention Team Leader: Darlene Sellars
  • Team St. Bernadine: Vacant
  • TSEL Advisory Committee Chair Regina Ogunsuyi
  • Ushers: Walter Johnson
  • Worship Leaders (LEMs/LEVs & LECTORS): Rev. Kim
  • Worship Leader Scheduler: Julie Brown
  • Finance Committee Chair: Al Muench
  • Treasurer: Rosalyne Cameron
  • Assistant Treasurer: Barbara Field
  • Special Funds Manager: Mike Rampton
  • Financial Secretary (Interim): Delores King
  • Diocesan Delegate: Joy Warburton
  • Alternate Diocesan Delegate: Ed Phifer
  • Region 3 President:  Peter Wehmann, St. Andrew's

To Contact the Church

Trinity Episcopal Church
2217 Columbia Pike (at the corner of S. Wayne St.)
Arlington, VA 22204
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