Children's Program

We love God’s kids. All ages, all sizes, all energy levels, all interests. We believe the church belongs to our young people as much as it is home to adults. No matter who they are, children at Trinity are celebrated by adults that appreciate their voice and presence. We offer our young people opportunities to have fun, try new things, create lasting relationships, connect with peers, showcase their gifts and talents, learn and grow. It does not take long for any young person to feel right at home.

Young people frequently serve as acolytes, lectors, greeters and ushers during our regular worship services. Having young people as a vital part of our worship experience is not something we do only on special occasions. At Trinity the participation of young people and the special ministry events they take on is limited only by their imagination.
Support of our ministry to children and youth is provided by two groups: the Children’s Ministry Team and Youth Leaders. The Children’s Ministry Team consists of Children’s Chapel teachers and members at large who have an interest in nurturing children in the faith and knowledge of the Lord. The group reviews curriculum, plans activities and assesses the program and its effectiveness. To volunteer for this group, please speak with the Rector.

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