Life as a Gift from God

The Rev. Laurel Johnston, Program Officer for Stewardship, The Episcopal Church Center, reminds us: “Stewardship is rooted in the understanding that the entirety of life is a gift from God . . . When we make a pledge commitment in a very real we are offering ourselves, souls and bodies, back to God to be blessed for the building up of God’s kingdom. Giving is a powerful act of gratitude for all that has been given.”

Stewardship also means we continually must challenge ourselves on how best we can use our time, talent, and resources to grow, improve, and get closer to God. In what are challenging times, economically as well as in the demands that press upon our lives, Trinity worshippers continue to be amazingly generous. In so doing, we affirm our belief in tomorrow, and in a God who always faithfully provides.
The biblical standard God sets for the beginning of our giving is the tithe, 10% of all that we receive. Some reach this standard through an intentional process of proportional giving that incrementally works its way to the 10% starting point over the course of a pre-designated term. Your offering of time, talent and financial resources (i.e., how much you give) always is between you and God, and may be changed if circumstances necessitate. 
You may submit a pledge card at any time. You may obtain a pledge card from Trinity’s Financial Secretary by contacting the church office at You may mail your completed pledge card to us at 2217 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia 22204, bring it by the church office, or place your completed pledge card in the offering plate. You can also make your pledge via online giving.  Check out our online giving page for more information.  Thank you in advance for your generosity. We look forward to receiving your pledge.